ID2020 is an IDEATION Innovation District Initiative, a vision for Innovation Districts around the world where institutions, firms, labs, and other actors collaborate as a collective to increase their competitive potential. As a growing new platform for economic development, one of the defining characteristics of these Districts is a shared commitment to “collaborate to compete.” ID2020 is a campaign to help them meet this commitment through a strategic program that is the very model of collaborative creativity which Innovation Districts are designed for.

Driven by the ideal of shared ideas, within Innovation Districts a new mind-set emerges where the development and advancement of ideas is “open” and collaborative. The goal is synergy, where complex challenges are solved collectively through innovative processes that demand the competencies of more than just one organization or discipline to “crack the code” on new innovation. ID2020 is an effort to bring together the strategies, knowledge and skills that are crucial for activating and shaping the culture of creative cooperation and collaboration essential to the sustainable shared prosperity of these Districts.

There are currently 15 US Innovation Districts including Boston (first officially labeled innovation district in the U.S.), Atlanta, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Detroit, Seattle, Raleigh-Durham, Kansas City, Chattanooga, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Albuquerque, Jacksonville, and St. Petersburg, FL. Upstarts include: Miami, San Antonio, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Indianapolis, Louisville, Providence, and others are moving forward in early and mid-stage development. Innovation districts, ranging from the Montreal Innovation Quarter and Knowledge Quarter, Liverpool to Carlton Connect Melbourne and the Jurong Innovation District in Singapore, are also growing in popularity internationally.

“Innovation districts constitute the ultimate mash up of entrepreneurs and educational institutions, start-ups and schools, mixed-use development and medical innovations, bike-sharing and bankable investments—all connected by transit, powered by clean energy, wired for digital technology, and fueled by caffeine.”Brookings Institute

“Innovation districts help bridge gaps and build partnerships across sectors, creating larger ecosystems that foster heightened creativity and technological breakthroughs and thereby further transforming cities into “innovation labs.” The interactions that take place in these talent-focused areas attract funding and investment and, in turn, help drive the vitality of the city. By amplifying what is great about cities and concentrating key assets, innovation districts drive economic growth and bring people together to germinate ideas and create the next big thing.”Business Insider

“These compact, accessible, amenity-rich enclaves feature a dynamic mash-up of business incubators, accelerators and co-shared office spaces. The resulting ecosystem creates a spirit of collaboration and opportunities for sharing ideas, mutual investment and open source innovation.”Miami Innovation District

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